Buffalo Bore Ammunition 205A20 Personal Defense Strictly Business 38 S&W

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Buffalo Bore Ammunition 205A20 Personal Defense Strictly Business 38 S&W 125 gr Hard Cast Flat Nose (HCFN) 20 Per Box/ 12 Cs


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Buffalo Bore’s 38 S&W (38 New Colt Police) hard cast bullets have a flat nose designed to not deform on impact for better penetration. This load is as powerful as most ordinary, commercially made 38 Speciall ammo. Use of modern powders gives extra velocity while remaining within the SAAMI pressure limits of 13,000 CUP. The result is a lethal cartridge that brings new usefulness to these old pistols. Depending on how much clothing must be penetrated and how much bone is encountered, expect 22 to 30 inches of straight line penetration in mammalian tissue with this load. This ammo utilizes flash suppressed powder so the shooter will not be blinded by his/her own gun fire in low light situations.This ammunition is safe to use in any solid frame revolver.




Buffalo Bore Ammunition

Manufacturer Part Number


Muzzle Velocity (fps)

1050 fps

Units per Box

20 Gauge

Muzzle Energy

306 ft lbs

Case Material



Target Shooting

Boxes Per Case

12 Gauge

Bullet Type

Hard Cast Flat Nose (HCFN)


125 gr


38 S&W

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