US Law Shield

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US Law Shield is now Partnered with Apex Armory to provide a comprehensive coverage for self defense situations.

If you are ever in a self defense situation, this is a vulnerable time for you. Whether you are using a firearm or a baseball bat, ANY legal weapon is covered for you. US Law Shield provides YOU with 24/7/365 access to attorney’s that specialize in self defense situations at NO additional cost to you (when you have a membership). They even have an attorney answered hotline available for your emergency questions.

They cover you for both civil suit AND criminal defense, covering you around all situations. They also cover your children at an additional cost and help protect you for identity fraud for an additional charge.

You get access to ALL of this for less than $0.50 per day! However, if you sign up with Apex Armory’s link, we will cover your first month and your sign up fees meaning you can get started for $0 out of pocket! Protect yourself today and get started!

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